David Walczyk

Jungian Analyst.
Award-Winning Designer.
Award-Winning Design Educator.
Writer & Public Speaker.

Hi, I’m David…

For over twenty years I’ve worked within the overlaps of design and depth psychology. As a Jungian analyst, I specialize in desire, relationship, meaning/purpose, and stress/anxiety. As a designer,┬áI specialize in design research, usability, and strategy. As a design educator, I’ve mentored, trained, and coached over 1,750 designers and creatives.

When I’m not thinking about or doing design or psychoanalysis, I’m probably on my bicycle blazing through the streets of New York City. Someday I’m going to cycle Iceland’s Ring Road.

In late 2015, I presented my developing ideas and observations concerning the emergence of the Archetype of the Designer in our time. I’m also a budding neuroscientist interested┬áin the relationship between neuroscience and spiritual experiences. In fact, I’m designing a course for professional clinicians on neuroscience and spirituality to be taught Winter 2017.