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jungian psychoanalystDr. David Walczyk is a psychotherapist and Jungian psychoanalyst in New York City. He specializes in providing therapy and counseling to creative individuals. David helps creative individuals struggling with addiction, creative blocks, depression, emotional regulation, ptsd, relationships, self-esteem, social anxiety, stress, trauma, work addiction, or just wanting to live a more meaningful life.

Conventional therapy and counseling, designed to normalize life and behavior to a cultural ideal, tends not to be effective for creatives who are by nature resistant to systems that seek to normalize rather than individualize. It is our differences that make us unique, and living a creative life is the way we express and share our diversity.

David started his private practice with the vision of establishing a place where the therapeutic and counseling needs of creative jungian psychoanalystindividuals would be the primary focus. He brings to his practice the highest professional qualifications, extensive experience within the overlaps of creativity and psychology, and a deep sense of caring and respect for his clients and their desire for psychological change and passion for living a creative life.

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