Dr. David Walczyk


creative counselingI am a New York State licensed psychotherapist and psychoanalyst located New York City. I specialize in providing in-person and online counseling, therapy, and coaching to artists, designers, entrepreneurs, and those involved in wellness. I help individuals with everyday life and career difficulties including anxiety, creative blocks, depression, emotional regulation, narcissism, ptsd, relationships, rumination, self-esteem, social anxiety, stress, trauma, work addiction, and often just wanting to live a more meaningful life.

I started my practice with the intention of establishing a therapeutic environment where the personal and career needs of creative and wellness individuals would be the principal focus. I bring to my practice the highest professional qualifications, 25 years of extensive real-world practical experience, substantial clinical experience, and a deep sense of caring and respect for my clients and their desire for psychological change and their passion for living a creative life and a healthy life.

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