david walczykI help creative people get unstuck and transform their personal and professional psychological difficulties so that they live healthier and more meaningful lives.

The creative personality is the striving force of any person who, rather than submitting to the pull of conformity, strives to discover and engage with their originality and their authenticity.

The creative person who rejects their originality and authenticity becomes stuck and suffers from symptoms such as stress, anxiety, anger, denial, fear, trauma, depression, difficulties being in the world, or difficulties in interpersonal relationships.

For the creative person, psychological development calls upon the strength of will and active choice to overcome external limitations and internal inhibitions and doubts that constrict their freedom to be. Creatives are individuals who, by engaging with their struggle and conflicts, transform a feeling of alienation into their individuation, their suffering into a passion, and their inhibition into a meaningful life.

I am a recognized expert on the healing and development of the creative personality and have over two decades of experience helping creatives overcome their personal and professional psychological difficulties. I am also a creative myself who engaged with and passed through my own psychological difficulties. I can relate because I’ve been there.

I provide four services:

I have the highest professional qualifications, years of experience helping creative individuals and offer an emotionally attuned environment of caring and respect. My doctoral degree is from Columbia University and, my post-doctoral training was at the C.G. Jung Institute of New York. Since 2003, I have taught at New York University (NYU). Before committing myself to the psychology of the creative personality, I worked professionally within the creative practices of art and design for many years.

My office is located in New York City at 41 Park Avenue. For my clients who are not in New York City, and for my clients who travel, I use video conferencing.