For more then twenty years I’ve worked within overlaps of design, psychology, and culture.

I am an award winning designer with over twenty years of experience in all phases and facets of innovation, ideation, strategy, and experience design, working with small, large, and elite organizations, top brands, and federal government agencies, as in-house staff and as a consultant.

As a psychologist, I specialize in working with individuals, groups, and organizations involved in design, creativity, and cultural production. Over the last twelve years, I have personally trained, mentored, and coached over 1000 designers and creatives either individually or in groups never larger then twenty.

My interest in cultural systems is more implicit and personal and tends to focus on processes related to the the production and consumption of desire, intersubjectivity, and to processes of disindividuation. Disindividuation being individual and collective processes that seem to inhibit individual and collective becoming-whole (individuation).

For the details, check out my biography, list of publications, and the clients he’s worked with.