Over the last 15 years, I have coached, mentored, and educated over 1000 early and mid-career creatives. I am a certified coach that also offers my clients the option of introducing therapeutic techniques into coaching when it seems necessary.


Some people feel that what they need is not therapy but instead focused help in navigating a challenging personal or professional time in their life. That’s where coaching can be useful. Coaching orients you towards a goal and the development of the tools and actions that are required to achieve that goal.

Working together we establish a realistic goal and then develop a plan for achieving it. When problems arise with progress towards your goal, we address them together head-on and make adjustments to the plan. We keep an eye on both positive and negative emotional reactions and give them the attention they need so that they help, and do not hinder, the achievement of your goal.


The rate for coaching is $150 per session for a minimum of 26 sessions over a minimum of about six months. I have found that having a fixed time limit helps to ground the coaching process in reality and activates action in the client.


If you have a goal in mind and are ready to begin your coaching, contact me to set up an appointment. As an alternative, I offer a 50-minute consultation. During your consultation, you can share with me your goal, or what you think your goal might be, and the difficulty you are having achieving it. If you feel that I can help you and I feel the same way we will set up a weekly day and time to meet. If you decide to continue, you are charged for your consultation. If not then it is free.


There is a 24-hour cancellation policy. Cancellations less than 24 hours incur a full charge. Bills are distributed monthly and are expected to be paid in full within ten business days. Checks and PayPal are accepted.