Therapy is an investment in yourself and the process of change. It requires the willingness to change, resilience, commitment, persistence, and consistency.


I qualify as an out-of-network provider with insurance companies that cover psychotherapy and can provide you with documentation to assist with reimbursement.


My fee is $150-200 per session per week. I accept cash, check, PayPal, and credit card or FSA/HSA debit cards through my client portal. I bill monthly but, if you’d prefer, you can pay weekly.


Sessions are held once or twice a week at the same time and day and are 45-50 minutes in length. We meet at least once a week on the same day and time and begin and end promptly.


There is a strict 48-hour (two business day) cancellation policy. Clients are responsible for payment for no-shows and all sessions that are canceled less than 48 hours (two business days) in advance.


Office hours are Monday – Friday 9 AM – 5 PM. Unless it is an emergency contact is by email (david@davidwalczyk.com) and only during business hours. If contact is not during business hours the response will be on the next business day.


If there is an emergency, contact by text is fine (646-734-5344).