As a speaker, I fill a gap in the mental health education for organizations and the general public. To balance out the speaking, all of my talks include a conversational component. So, what I really offer are Conversations, not the traditional speaking where a canned presentation is presented, people sit and listen, clap at the end, and then leave with unanswered questions. Through brief Conversations, I provide an introduction to practical information and tools for transforming the psychological challenges of contemporary creative living.

The Conversations provide spaces for interactive and creative participation in which participants deepen their understanding and engagement with themselves and the group. Each conversation is designed to provide timely and straightforward psychological tools and techniques for understanding, expanding, and transforming emotional well-being and overall mental health.

Hosting a Conversation has a practical benefit for your group or your employees and will immediately contribute to improving their well-being and everyday life.


All Conversations are two hours in length. One hour for an introduction to the topic followed by one hour of conversation about the topic.


  • Awareness in Relationship: Recognizing Emotional Attunement and Mutuality in Relationships
  • Personal Awareness: Developing Emotional Regulation and Self Reflection
  • Stress and the Brain: The Neuroscience of Stress and it’s Healing
  • The Creative Personality: What is the Creative Personality and what are the Psychological Difficulties that Creative People tend to Experience?


Conversations have a nominal fee of $750 plus any additional expenses if travel outside of the New York City is required. If you are a small non-profit or a small group there is a discount t0 $500.


Let’s talk about how a Conversation can help your organization or group. Contact Dr. David Walczyk at Psychclub by phone/text (+1.646.734.5344) or email (