Starting Therapy


During your therapy, I will meet you in grounded, practical and empathetic ways that orient you towards the graceful recognition of your challenges and the celebration of your understanding, transformation, and healing.

I help individuals with a variety of psychological difficulties such as adhd, anxiety, creative blocks, depression, emotional difficulties, ptsd, mortality, relationship problems, rumination, self-esteem, social anxiety, spirituality, stress, trauma, work addiction, and actualizing their desire to live a more meaningful life.


Yes, it is. Change takes time, commitment, and resilience. Therapy is a biopsychosocial process. It affects your body and your brain (bio), your mind (psycho), and your relationships (social). When you actively engage with your therapeutic process of change, it will have a holistic effect on you, your relationships, and the way you experience and engage with and live your life.


If you are ready to begin your therapeutic process, contact me. As an alternative, I offer a free 30-minute consultation. During your consultation, you can share what you are struggling with so that together we can discern the help you need and the change you desire.

Rate & insurance

My rate is $130-150 per 50-minute session. Sessions are held at a regular time once a week. I do not participate with insurance companies but can provide you with documentation to submit for out of network coverage. Employee Health Flexible Spending Accounts (FAS) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) tend to cover psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, and many insurance companies will reimburse full or partially for out of network therapy.

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